• IdealTradingLifestyle Delivers Consistent Trading Results

  • A Team of Market Experts

    ITLDELIVERSRESULTSince 2004 a team of market experts has been delivering solid trading returns to clients. Ongoing refinements to a proprietary filter system are continuing to outpace the markets and provide clients with above average returns.

    The key to the IdealTradingLifeStyle (ITL) trading platform is the expert-driven approach being offered to clients and a continuous learning environment supporting their ongoing skill development. Trading is all about lifestyle and being able to manage your portfolios according to your ability and availability.

    Clients Realize Immediate Success

    At ITL the focus is showing clients immediate success by taking advantage of skilled market experts and being able to execute on trades being recommended by this team. Here a client will receive an email when a pick is posted and they can access the site and utilize the online calculators to arrive at recommended buy, sell and stop-loss pricing. Clients can also access a calculator to determine the suggested number of shares to purchase according to the size of their portfolio and thus manage their exposure in the market. The average hold period for a client is 1-3 days and an average return of 1.2-2.0% with an accuracy of 86%.

    A team of seasoned market traders focuses on the watchlist of stocks that is filtered daily from the 2,700 stocks using over 200 proprietary algorithms that have been developed and refined over the last decade. Stocks successfully filtered to the Daily Watchlist are reviewed and the intuitive skills are applied to arrive at the best possible choices and a pick recommended for clients.

    How Has This Expert-Driven Solution Delivered- 47.4% in 6 months

    The last 6-months clients have seen a total of 79 picks (Mar-Aug 2014), with 51 of these recommendations filling at the prescribed buy-in price. What’s key is out of the 51 positions filled 47 of them sold successfully at their prescribed target selling price for a 92% accuracy with only 1 stock that remained open at the time (selling successfully in the following 2 days). The total net returns over the 6 months were 47.4%. Amazing results for clients.

    Transparency in Results

    ITL completes a Weekly Statement that tracks an online trading account since January 2011. This statement tracks the status on all picks and their recommended pricing as posted for clients. This transparency is critical to ITL as it provides a benchmark of success and also assists clients in determining their overall portfolio gains and how they should be measuring up.

    Currently, the last 12 months has realized a net portfolio gin (after broker and membership fees) of 37.24%. The last 6-months of net portfolio gains in the online account are 16.79%. Select the link to view the most current ITL Trading Statement http://www.screencast.com/t/1jxxnBamzi

    ITL also posts a Weekly Tracker that reports the status on all recommended picks and the accuracy clients are realizing. This also provides the total pick gains a guide, but does not include position sizing within a portfolio. The weekly statement provides this information.

    The Weekly Tracker supports the transparency necessary to ensuring overall picks accuracy and gains clients are realizing. Select the link to view the most current ITL 30 Day Tracker http://www.screencast.com/t/NrtYKuBKEc

    Ongoing Learning

    Clients can decide to take on more skill development and learn how to realize greater returns and select more winning positions. A continuous learning environment supports a daily watchlist of stocks that average 3-8 recommendations daily. Clients access Basic and Enhanced Trading Courses to build the advanced disciplines on selecting from the Daily Watchlist.

    This continuous learning environment also supports online learning webinars and podcasts. Here clients will develop the same intuitive trading skills that are driving the daily ITL picks and can also realize greater gains and take advantage of selecting more positions in rising markets.

    Options Trading

    ITL has also introduced a proprietary Options Trading Course for clients that teach the disciplines to successful trade the same Daily Watchlist, but using Options.

    Recently ITL has also introduced an expert-driven Options Pick Membership that also supports choosing the right option call and a complete buy-sell-stop-loss pricing strategy. The returns trading options are also amazing delivering 5-10 times the returns realized in shares while allowing clients to leverage smaller portfolios with less market risk.


    It’s amazing how ITL has evolved over the last decade and continues to refine and enhance its trading strategies for clients. Providing a We-Do-It-All approach has allowed clients to trade in as little as 10 minutes a day and realize 16.79% net portfolio gains over the last 6 months. Little to no experience and clients can leverage the expertise of successful full-time traders to realizing an actual 92% accuracy in the market over the last 6 months.

    This is truly a unique approach to trading that clients looking to self-manage their portfolios can in fact realize significant returns without having to learn it on their own.

    Find out more about what IdealTradingLifeStyle has to offer by visiting http://www.idealtradinglifestyle.com or by contacting direct at 1-888-942-0266 ext 01 or email direct at sales1.itl@gmail.com.

    “Change the way you invest….change your life!”