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  • Having trained hundreds of customers throughout North America, Ideal Trading Lifestyle Stock Trading System is changing people’s lives through a system that generates the passive income necessary for individuals to realize their financial goals with minimal time required.

    The testimonials provided are unsolicited and have been received through the several communication channels ITL supports as part of its corporate mission statement to providing a platform that encourages continuous learning.


  • Great results. Great membership club.. Keep your great ITL pick recommendations coming!


  • WOW - my trading account has gone up 30% since I started.. thanks.


  • I only wish i had started years ago.


  • I have been attending the education Elite Trading events held twice monthly and when applying the teachings in conjunction with the ITL and the MWA pick suggestions, I have been able to take advantage of improved returns. Recently getting into FNFG and USB applying the disciplines increased my net returns by being able to adjust my buys and sells with confidence. Keep the education webinars coming!


  • First off, I just want to say what a wonderful team and group you are. I have managed to do a few trades and checked some of them with the ITL account statement. For some of the items that I did buy my trades seem to be a little bit off. I'll use some examples. Stock K (Kinross Gold), I purchased at a different buy rate and sell rate. I'll admit I still may have been learning the system, and pulled off the same profit as stated in your account. A more recent one that comes to mind is stock POT. I had input the order according to ITL calculator, and my order picked up.. Many Thanks


  • The Wealthy Attitude articles was excellent and I enjoy very much. I know that any stock trading issues that I've had come from this area, and I will be more vigilant about this from now on. Great Training


  • I am excited about being back in the game, if it was not for your ITL program I'm not sure if I would have done it. It is reassuring to trade under the umbrella of a group of well experienced traders. It helps protecting from the unexpected!!!! Also the courses and events you provide on the website are incredibly helpful to get back in the saddle. Something that has always interested me and may be of benefit to other clients of yours would be to explain the various indicators, i.e where does the MacD come from or the stochastic or RSI. What calculations are used to produce the lines that we look at and also why are we using certain settings and not others. Maybe this can be a topic for a next webinar? Again thank you for getting me on board.


  • I just made 3000 on TMM :) Didn't hold it for very long maybe A week. Your training is excellent.


  • I'm definitely hooked on shorting! Instead of sitting on the sidelines during the market downturns, I'm now trading with excellent returns which are higher and seem to happen faster. In the month of March my portfolio had a 14% rate of return! I'm also trading with a 90% success rate. Thanks for all the knowledge and training!


  • The Online Shorting Course was excellent, it's very reassuring for me to buy a course on line and know that all the tools and reading are all easily available to me.


  • I registered for 3 Memberships from the TLClub with Ideal Trading Lifestyle in the beginning of July through a Bonus Offer which was available at the time. Over a period of 60 days I had managed to grow my account to a balance of 20% growth and have never looked back and here I am a year later. I was impressed and very happy about my success with this company. I have had a very good experience with Ideal Trading Lifestyle and there successful trading suggestions has been very quick and the ITL Trading Team has been everything they quote that they are.. helpful and there to walk you through as a beginner


  • Ideal Trading Lifestyle has given me the training knowledge and confidence to trade the markets effectively ... It's so easy when you even give me a watch list of stock suggestions


  • Not all investors are pros; many are just starting out or only have a small amount to invest, so I looked for services that were easy-to-use for everyone, regardless of experience. You are the best Stock Trading Platform and offer on line coaching such as tutorials, articles, FAQs, blogs and so on. Additionally, you offer one-on-one training. I am a successful stock trader because of your company and your team.


  • Wow your ITL pick recommendations have been so great - your success has been like 95% in the past month. I am sure I am like other customers - just so thrilled with your accuracy and your pick suggestions. What a great holiday I will have this year with all the money that I have made because of ITL.


  • Love your newsletter, always learn something. Between the newsletter and your membership club I am a great trader.


  • I so enjoy the monthly Boot Camp refreshers. I learn so much from these sessions. I understand that ITL will be doing every more often starting in September to help all us traders. I can hardly wait. See you then.


  • I just became an Elite Trade with your special membership club - wow am I impressed with the work the Trading Team does every day and week


  • Taking the ITL Online Course streamlined my trading and improved my results dramatically, so I spent less time on analysis and improved my bottom line profit. The website was a step up from what I was using and I found the charts were also easy to apply to my own stocks that I like to trade. Then you when you offered Ideal Trading Lifestyle where you provided further suggested guidance on my daily picks, it once again took my trading to another level of profitability. All in all just wanted to thank you and say it is nice to see a company that grows with me and my needs going forward. Once again thanks guy's.


  • What a difference Ideal Trading Lifestyle has made to my trading and to my life style. I have tried and used other trading tools and programs and nothing compares to the fantastic results that I am getting from trading with you. Keep up the great work and keep those stocks coming.


  • With such a tremendous amount of variation in the stock market I either overcompensate or react too conservatively. Ideal Trading Lifestyle provides me with the buy and sell of a bid and takes all the guesswork out of my trades.


  • I never traded before and trading with you and using your simple trading training and trading program, I feel no stress and much more in control of my trading, as I can trade successfully with limited skill, while I take the time to truly understand the market and learn.


  • I used to spend hours in a day trying to research and analyze stocks to pick the right one and then try to find the right buy and sell price. With ITL, I truly take minutes a day to trade with some of your suggestions and I now have time to enjoy my family while I realize consistent returns on my trades.


  • Ideal Trading Lifestyle provides further guided suggestions on my stock picks, it took my trading to another level of profitability. All in all just wanted to thank you and say it is nice to see a company that grows with myself and my needs going forward. Once again thanks guy’s.


  • Your Daily Watch List of pick recommendations are fantastic - Last month, I saw returns of 18.6%. I am enjoying the ongoing learning environment and access to your Daily Market Reviews. You have changed the way I trade with the teaching of your discplines. I now am living my Ideal Trading Lifestyle. Your team is great. Thanks.


  • I consider Ideal Trading Lifestyle to be an investment tool that has empowered my financial independence. My year of trading for exceeded my expectations with returns in excess of 30% for my first year.