• Options Testimonials

  • My trading account is up more than 22% after trading options for only 2 months. Now that I have a much greater understanding of options trading, my only regret is that I didn’t take the options trading course sooner. I've completed 8 trades since late January. Six are closed and two are still open. The average ROI per the 6 completed trades is 27.5% with an total gain of nearly $6,000!!. If I keep up this pace, I’m on track for a return greater than 100%. Can’t beat that. In the 2 preceding years, my TFSA gained only $1,200 using conventional trading (equities) methods.


  • Just wanted to let you know about the INTC trade. Bought the option at 1.10. Sold it at 1.28. 14 percent profit. Thanks so much for all your training.


  • With all the different membership club, I can choose what suits my trading needs, I have charting, advanced watchlists, CDN and US pick recommendations. I also bought the ETF membership for my portfolio. I started trading options with your Easy to Use calculator and I have taken a lot of your options courses.. You make it so easy.


  • Happy New Year yourself, Marlene. I’m always open to new things-the stock options through ITL has been pretty good the past couple months. The markets seem to have been weak, and a lot of the picks did not fill, but overall, I’m pretty happy with the level of quality of the ITL pick recommendations and training! Thanks for the push to get me into this finally! Bout bloody time. Hope your holidays were fun and relaxing!


  • RWM sold this morning for $1.35 - made $400.00 on my first options trade.


  • Sold MON Option today and made 18%.


  • Great Option picks bought RHI at $1.05 and sold at $1.15 and bought PHM at $1.03 and sold at $1.14 for a total 20.2% return. Thank-you


  • Had my Options on PPL to sell at $1.80 and the stock gapped and ended up selling at $2.25 for 40% return. Awesome!

    Lori P.