• Achieving Consistent Results

  • One of the most important components in building your trading portfolio is to follow a proven method that demonstrates consistent positive results. So many believe that all is needed is to have an online broker account and that is the cash machine that is required. The truth in the matter is that a system for entering and exiting positions profitable is where the cash machine comes in.

    Consistent positive returns mean a repeatable process to follow for executing positions profitably. Trading in the stock market is a daunting process and without a seasoned well-established process, traders will see portfolios decline rapidly. So what is meant by “consistent results”, it means achieving positive gains greater than 80% of the time and for the remaining 20% it means a stop-loss strategy this allows the trader to exit with minimal losses. It also means following a risk management approach to trading that manages market exposure based on portfolio size so a trader can leverage new positions while holding others. Being dedicated to Continuous Learning is also a key component as ongoing knowledge development will take the trader to new realizations and enhance overall returns over time.

    At IdealTradingLifestyle (ITL), achieving consistent results is the cornerstone of what is provided to clients. Since 2003 ITL has been dedicated to developing and refining their trading platform to always deliver consistent positive results and as such has maintained a trading average of 85% of a minimum 1% gain in 1-10 business days. This average allows clients to profit in today’s markets. Combined with providing a complete guided approach to trading clients can access recommended stock picks using calculators that support a complete buy/sell/stop-loss strategy and also manage their portfolio risk through a position-sizing calculator. This means this process is completely managed following a proven set of disciplines that routinely produces 15-20% annualized portfolio gains.

    ITL also publishes weekly trading reports that summarize all recommended picks positions and their results. This provides a completely transparent approach to trading where clients know exactly when to get in and out of positions as managed by a team of seasoned market experts.

    Continuous learning is another ITL cornerstone as clients look to expand their knowledge and go beyond the daily ITL guided pick recommendation to select a stock from a filtered watch list. Finally, clients can also select to take the online ITL Options course and learn to leverage small portfolios and realize up to 10 times the gains as seen in a share environment. Built by a seasoned team of Option traders this course delivers a streamlined approach to trading the ITL filtered watch-list or guided ITL picks. Also supported is an Options calculator used in converting share pricing into Options pricing, so a complete Options buy/sell/stop-loss strategy is provided.


    With ITL clients see consistent proven results and build strong trading confidence through a team of seasoned market experts. Here clients can also advance their trading knowledge and trade from a list of filtered stocks with the opportunity to learning Options trading. A comprehensive trading solution that has demonstrated proven results since 2003.